A Verse for Repeal

This has happened,
But no one can see,
I only know,
from the stick covered in pee.

We did it right,
We used protection,
I cant believe,
My life took this direction.

I’m beyond afraid,
I want to die,
I’m looking for answers,
No explanation as to why?

This is real,
Not a case study,
It’s not neat and clean,
It’s raw and it’s bloody.

I make my choice,
This pregnancy will end,
I don’t do it lightly,
This is not a cool trend.

I feel no joy,
There is no elation,
I’m on a flight,
This is not a vacation.

I did what I had to,
For a life that is mine,
It’s not for everyone,
And that’s perfectly fine.

But allow the freedom,
The option to choose,
You don’t have to use it,
So you’ve nothing to lose.

Repeal the 8th-An Opinion

I am not a political person. I don’t really understand the lingo. I don’t understand the party dynamics.

I didn’t vote on anything until I was over the age of thirty because I didn’t see the point. Now I’m a parent that is running a home and rearing children that has changed. I see how the decisions made by those in power can affect the lives of those at ground level. As far as educating myself on the intricacies of political systems I have a long way to go.

But I’m trying.

There’s one issue that is swarming around my social media and the campaign is entitled Repeal the 8th. Everywhere I look there’s a digital influencer urging me to Repeal the 8th and I had no idea what that meant. Off I went to take a look and it made me examine my own belief on the issue of abortion. Continue reading “Repeal the 8th-An Opinion”