The Belly Part

I called this blog Blush because I love make up, Babies because I love my children and Belly because I hate my weight. They say you should write about what you know and I certainly know a thing or two about weight. I would like to think that my posts are generally amusing but writing about my weight I find jokes hard to come by. I’m such a cliche, a big girl with a big personality to match. It’s that bubbly disposition that hides, for the most part, how I really feel about my body.

I hate my body

That’s quite a tough sentence to write and even a bit extreme you might say but it’s true. Continue reading “The Belly Part”

10 Thing you didn’t care you didn’t know about me!

Everyone loves a bit of trivia.

So when I’m a famous blogger and they are writing table quiz questions about me, you might just wanna commit these facts to memory so that you will that top prize of a €25 car valeting voucher.

  1. I’m named Ellen after my grandmother. I didn’t meet another Ellen until I was in my twenties. Now there are many versions floating around, Elle, Ellie and Ella. I was the original… make no mistake about that.
  2. For ten years I worked with people with Intellectual Disabilities. I think that’s where I used up my patience quota because Lord knows I have none left for my children.
  3. Keith Duffy hosted a quiz on the tele called the The Box and yours truly was on it. I lived in a box (large conservatory) in Dublin city center for 48 hrs and I won €2000
  4. My children’s full names are Kyle Gus, Finn Conan and Macy Ellen. Each one was overdue, Kyle 11 days, Finn 4 days and Macy a whopping 14 days. Guess I have a cosy womb! Well we all have our talents!
  5. My favourite group are Steps. No you didn’t hear me wrong yes Steps. And yes I do know all the routines and don’t say so do you just because you know the Tragedy one.
  6. In order to win a 2 hour cruise while on the Gold Coast I had to flash my sizeable assets to a club rep. Noone could afford to buy a ticket to come with me so I never went.
  7. Both my father and my sister don’t drink. My sister is a pioneer which means she has never even tasted alcohol since she took her confirmation pledge. I know I don’t understand it either.
  8. In primary school my favourite sandwich filling was Panda chocolate spread and Luncheon meat. Is there any wonder that I’m fat.
  9. I was once engaged to be married. We never made it up the aisle. Or as I like to put it. He put the bling on it but he never put the ring on it.
  10. I’m a qualified Nail Technician and Make Up Artist but not currently practicing. I’m focusing on being a mother right now. Oh writing a wee blog.. check it out you might enjoy it.

So there are ten things you didn’t care that you did not know about me.

Thanks for reading

Be well

Ellen ( the original )

There’ll be days like these

I’m sitting on my couch and I’m humming Van the Man’s tune…. so my momma told me… there’ll be days like these. Well I can’t quite remember the lyrics because it’s not a nursery rhyme so I’m not sure whether the message of the song is that you’ll have good days or that you’ll have bad days. Answers on a postcard please. As I hum the tune I feel reflective. I’m thinking about what can only be described as a fiasco of a day that I endured on Monday. I would like to share with you that day, comfortable in the knowledge that many mothers across the globe have had similar experiences if not worse.

It was a normal Monday…. cold but not cold enough to put the heat on. Continue reading “There’ll be days like these”

I know you’ve seen these before

You can’t swing a cat without stumbling across lists of these kind on social media at the moment. I’m not one to shy away from the proverbial bandwagon so I thought I would compile a list of my own. I can’t tell you whether this is going to be a top ten, a top three or a top twenty list, it really depends on how many my baby brain will allow me to recount. I can tell you however that the list is not exhaustive and you may even have a few of your own. Feel free to share them with me. Then I’ll quietly rage that I didn’t think of that one myself.

Here is my list of things I didn’t realise I appreciated until I had children.

Neutral Colours

Once my life was full of tasteful shades of brown with an odd splash of muted colour here and there. If I was feeling particularly brave I might throw in an aul bit of purple which is my favourite color. Now my life is overwhelmed by primary colours. Continue reading “I know you’ve seen these before”

Memory Lane

Even though I am now a mother to three lovely children I am still my mother’s child. Like all good children do, I like to give my mother a hard time. One of the distinct memories I have of growing up is repeatedly and without mercy giving my mother guff over the fact that she seemed to not remember many details of us as we were growing up. She also didn’t seem to have many keepsakes belong to us. I couldn’t understand how those things weren’t important to her. The sentimentality that I had over a note my best friend in 6th class just didn’t seem to be there for her. My aunt would remember the birthday of every child, pup or duckling born within a 12 mile radius. Continue reading “Memory Lane”

Poetic Licence

I always liked English in school. I’m sure my English teachers would disagree because i was lazy and lacked focus. I love the meanings of words. Song lyrics especially. And now that I have children their books delight me. My favourite being ones that are written as rhymes.

Once upon a time a friend of mine asked me to be her bridesmaid. As you can imagine every conversation was wedding related from the dresses to the desserts. We were discussing the communion reflection Continue reading “Poetic Licence”

Brush with death

So in case I have failed to mention it, I have three children. The Sun, The Moon and The Stars. Also in the very likely event that the smaller details of my life have escaped your memory I am also a single parent.Taking those statistics into account most battles are three against one. Like the phrase I’m sure you have all seen on Facebook

My house is ruled by a small army,

that i have created myself .

I always attempt at starting the day off with a cup of positivity. Ok it’s coke…. but I drink it in a positive manner. And gradually as the day goes on those three little scoundrels make it their sole mission to beat the positivity out of me one defiant act at a time. Continue reading “Brush with death”

Toe Trimming!!

You will all learn very soon that I have no boundaries, no filter and no shame! This honest approach has been admired in the past, has made people cringe and in some cases the reaction has been just plain disgust. So consider yourself warned, the following entry into my catalogue of blogs may cause a little bit of sick to come into your mouth. You will forever more be actively avoiding making eye contact with toes and you may be running straight to the nearest Laser Hair Removal Clinic to buy me a voucher. None the less I feel it is my duty to explore my perspective on female grooming. From our bushy brows to our tippy toes we are obsessed with removing hair. Continue reading “Toe Trimming!!”

Group Salvation

Let’s begin with a few facts.

Having one child is tough.

Having two children is tougher.

Having three children is……. I’ll come back to this when I find a non curse word that fits.

Being single with three children adds to the stress, loneliness and isolation that can be associated with parenting. Continue reading “Group Salvation”

Message In A Broken Bottle

My day is nearly over and I am feeling reflective. I am sitting in the bathroom waiting on my two boys to fall asleep and the day is racing through my brain. I sit in the bathroom because I’m too lazy to walk up and down the stairs. I usually practice french plaits in the mirror or recheck facebook for the millionth time that day. I might try and sneak down the stairs like a ninja or persevere depending on the mood I’m in. I was the epitome of stealth tonight.

We normally have a Fat Food Friday. (if you know me you know that it’s not just one day) (if you don’t know me… yes i stick to a strict one fatty food meal a week rule! don’t you?) Today was the turn of the local chip shop. Continue reading “Message In A Broken Bottle”