I have an aul gra for mass generalisations but I think it’s fair to say that we would all be fairly lost without our phones. The phone is no longer a privilege of the wealthy but really an everyday necessity. From 8 to 80 everyone has one. Some people even have two. The way we communicate with one another has changed so much. Could you even imagine writing a letter to someone and having to wait weeks maybe even months for a reply? Everything these days is about the instant fix we really don’t like to have to wait for anything and our phones afford us that luxury.

You can chat or text anyone anywhere in the world. Now grant is most of us are texting our other halves to stick the kettle on or to bring some toilet roll upstairs but the potential is there to text someone in Brazil, if you knew anyone in Brazil. Continue reading “Phoney”

Brush with death

So in case I have failed to mention it, I have three children. The Sun, The Moon and The Stars. Also in the very likely event that the smaller details of my life have escaped your memory I am also a single parent.Taking those statistics into account most battles are three against one. Like the phrase I’m sure you have all seen on Facebook

My house is ruled by a small army,

that i have created myself .

I always attempt at starting the day off with a cup of positivity. Ok it’s coke…. but I drink it in a positive manner. And gradually as the day goes on those three little scoundrels make it their sole mission to beat the positivity out of me one defiant act at a time. Continue reading “Brush with death”