Happy New Year

It’s been so long since I wrote I think I forget how to do it. So you’ll have to bear with me until I get back into my groove.

I’m just dropping a quick post to assure you that I’m not gone anywhere. I was working over the holidays so I was a bit preoccupied but I’m gonna do my best to get two posts out a week. One about babies and one about my belly…… what belly I hear you cry?

Yes one would have imagined that I would  be reporting stellar weight loss since I announced to the world my intentions but it is not the case. I haven’t lost but I haven’t gained.  So that’s a teeny victory in my eyes for the time of year that’s in it.

I’m feeling very positive about life at the moment. I’m enjoying my daily work and I’m looking forward to the exercise I’m planning and the challenges that it will bring.

I’ve just finished watching the first Operation Transformation shows and I’m going to follow Clare like I have mentioned before. So tomorrow is Day One.

Wish me luck!

Before I go I want to share with you the best New Years Eve that I have ever had. Myself and the kids headed up to the Ice Rink in Kilkenny. Suitably named Kilkenny on Ice…..(also happens to be where I was working over the festive period…. will share some funny stories in a future post). As always we were spoiled rotten up there. Treated like royalty.

From there onto the golden arches to stuff our faces. I ate everything that the kids left. What? It was Christmas!!!

Then  home where their Dad came to visit and while they played I made a cheesecake with help from time to time. Mainly when the bowl had to be licked!

Netflix had a fake countdown so I convinced the kids that it was midnight. We sat on the floor with a drink and munchies and I asked the kids what the best thing about this year was. All I wanted was some profound answer to spring from their lips. Something like cuddling with you Mammy or when you brought us to the woods Mammy….. well ….. the answer was a little more superficial than that. They both said the best part of the year was when Santy came. (sigh!) Not to worry. I told them the best part of my year was getting our lovely home.

Then my eyes leaked as I watched them count from 10 to 1 and cry happy new year. I have never felt more content in my whole life watching my Sun, Moon and Stars at our little party. It definitely beats pushing your boobs onto a bar to try and get served a small drink in a plastic cup. Not that I’ve ever done that… sorry Mammy.

I think I have started a little tradition and I love it.

Happy New Year

Be Well




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