The Why!

Well here  I am about to start another new project. I’m a divil for starting things that I never finish. Me mother said I probably wouldn’t have finished my pregnancies  had I a choice. Which brings me to the reasons why I have started this page.

I woke up one morning the mother of three children. No it wasn’t some freak accident that made me inherit three wonderful gifts. I bore them, I birthed them (is that a word) and I’m rearing them alone. It’s just I don’t think it ever really dawned on me that I was a parent. Fully, wholly and completely responsible for the lives of not one…. not two….. but three children.


So this little blog is going to be a reflection of my everyday reality being a single mother to three children. My struggle and successes. I will share recipes that I try in my vain attempt at loosing weight. I’ll give you the low down on all the pinterest activities that look really simply…. until you try them yourself. I’ll throw in a little bit of beauty too because ladies lets face it we should try and not forget ourselves in all the mayhem.

I’m hoping that this blog will be a source of fun for all those mothers who are just doing their best to get through each day. Cause lads….. it’s bloody tough aul going!

So here’s to my Sun, Moon and Stars……. I’m not where I thought I’d be…. but I’m (finally) damn glad I’m here.

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